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    On her son, Avyaan Azad Rekhi's first birthday, Dia Mirza and Vaibhav Rekhi shared a priceless photo. Along with it, Dia penned a long note about her son's struggle after his premature birth.

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            Updated on May 14, 2022 10:46 AM IST  |  141.3K

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                Dia Mirza, Vaibhav Rekhi celebrate son Avyaan's 1st birthday
                Dia Mirza, Vaibhav Rekhi celebrate son Avyaan's 1st birthday, reveal he underwent 2 life-saving surgeries

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                    • Actress Dia Mirza is over the moon today as her and Vaibhav Rekhi's son Avyaan Azaad Rekhi has turned 1. Sharing a glimpse of her baby boy, Dia called him a 'warrior' and shared how he underwent 2 life-saving surgeries after being born 3 months premature. In a heartwarming note celebrating her son Avyaan's strength, Dia expressed how even after coming home after 90 days, he had to be taken back to the hospital for another surgery that lasted 4 and half hours. 

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                        Sharing a cute photo featuring Avyaan in her lap and holding Vaibhav's finger, Dia wrote, "Our Jaan, our miracle, you were born on this day 1 year ago with the song ‘Imagine’ playing. You were 3 months premature at 820 gms. 36 hours after birth we discovered you had necrotising enterocolitis and had to go through life saving surgery. You were cared for and nourished in the NICU with a stoma for 90days and finally sent home to us with a stoma." She further revealed that after Avyaan got a bit stronger, he had to undergo another surgery where doctors had prepared her and Vaibhav for the 'worst'. 

                        Dia added, "After you had gained strength and weight you went back to hospital for a 2nd surgery that lasted four and half hours. The doctors prepared us for the worst and said it would take a minimum of 21 days before you could be back home with us. Avyaan Azaad, you were ready to be home with us on day 9 our warrior." Dia also went onto celebrate her son's 'determination to fight all odds' and called it 'inspiring.' The Thappad star thanked doctors and nurses who helped her and Vaibhav during the difficult time. She concluded her note with a birthday wish for Avyaan. Dia wrote, "Happy Birthday our son. Thank you for choosing us."

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                            It was back in 2021 May that Dia and Vaibhav welcomed their first child. However, they announced it later, after Avyaan came back home from the hospital. Since then, Dia has been sharing glimpses of her time with Avyaan. From playing with him to spending time with him amid nature, Dia often treats her fans with cute photos of her mommy-son time. For those unaware, Dia and Vaibhav had tied the knot on February 15, 2021, at their residence in Mumbai in an intimate ceremony. 

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                                  1. Credits: Dia Mirza Instagram

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